Introducing Sharin Kala Steel Company

Sharin Kala Steel Trading Company was established in 1387 with the efforts and perseverance of its founder Mr. Engineer Nader Jalali, one of the activists and well-known names in the country’s steel industry, as a private limited company. During the last decade in the field of commerce, production, buying and selling, distribution, import and export of all kinds of raw materials and steel products and all permitted commercial goods, performing all construction operations, obtaining and granting branches and agencies inside and outside the country, obtaining facilities, entering into contracts with natural and legal persons, participating in tenders and auctions, and in general any activity in accordance with the company’s articles of association that is related to the country’s steel industry in some way. From the brilliant experience and history of the management staff in identifying the needs of the steel industry market and supplying raw materials with high quality and economic efficiency for domestic steel companies in line with the general goals and policies in order to promote production and export the final products of the steel industry in order to gain value. It is a higher addition and more foreign exchange to introduce the Iranian industry and develop the consumer market inside and outside the country. As mentioned earlier, Sharin Kala Steel Trading Company was established with the aim of distributing steel products at a very competitive price. For this purpose, according to the needs of the country’s steel market and to achieve its goals, it should place the purchase and supply of products from the best and most reliable domestic and foreign factories on its agenda.

In connection with the realization of the goal of delivering goods at the lowest price, the company studies the market, which includes supply and demand, analysis of price fluctuations, time of delivery of goods, the status of production lines, etc. Finished goods will be minimal. On the other hand, considering that the development of communication has fully specified the supply prices, therefore, major distributors can compete in the market and sell significant goods in case of proper purchase. Considering a reasonable profit, this company has also considered distribution to manufacturing factories, reputable trading companies that are unable to purchase on a large scale due to the lack of adequate liquidity, major sellers and even large contractors and equipment manufacturers.

According to the managers of Sharin Kala Steel Company and relying on years of experience in the country’s steel industry, this industry in Iran is a virgin and very prone to growth, which is like a young child on the path of growth and excellence, and gradually the neighboring countries and the region The Persian Gulf and other distant regions in the world are familiar with the quality of steel products of Iranian factories, and the number of customers of these products is increasing day by day, and the price of Iranian products is growing towards the price of high-quality and world-class examples.