Pellets are small balls of iron ore that are used in steel production. At one time, the powders obtained from iron ore extraction were considered waste and were not used, but with the invention of pelletizing, pellets are prepared from these materials with the help of technology, which are used as raw materials and feed for direct reduction furnaces and blast furnaces.
The main ingredient in making pellets is iron ore, which should be used as a concentrate. Iron ore concentrate is obtained by removing iron impurities and increasing the grade of iron by crushing and softening. The particle size of the concentrate used should be less than 45 microns.
Additives and adhesives such as bentonite, lime, organic materials, lime, cement and water are also used to make pellets.

The raw material for the production of iron ore. Pellets are small pellets produced from milled and crushed iron ore (concentrate) and other additives, which after undergoing a special process of production and baking in the furnace are used as raw materials for the production of pig iron in blast furnaces and arc furnaces. Electric is used.

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