Steel Billet

Steel Billet

A steel ingot is a solid metal piece in the shape of a rectangle with a trapezoidal cross-section, which is produced through a continuous casting process, and the length of each branch is a maximum of 2 meters. One of the important features of this product is its portability, which makes it convenient to use it as a raw material for making all kinds of steel sections. The billet prefabricated material is obtained from raw steel and has high flexibility. To produce steel ingots, after extracting iron and raw steel, they are poured into melting furnaces and then the resulting melting materials are transferred into the desired mold. Finally, after freezing the molten metal inside the mold, all kinds of steel ingots are produced.
After freezing, the steel ingot must be removed from the mold manually, therefore it has a trapezoidal cross-section that makes it easier to remove the product from the mold and move it. The types of ingots are different in terms of size and characteristics. On the other hand, according to the composition and the percentage of the elements in the steel, characteristics such as bending, flexibility, twisting and stretching are also different in them. The differences between the types of steel ingots have caused their different applications in different sectors and industries.

The product of this company is a steel billet, which is longer than ingots. For this reason, billets are generally used to produce products with long sections such as rebar, wire, belts, pipes, etc.
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